Fusion requires some additional software to build Android APK files.
Google is constantly changing and updating Android.

Step 1:
Download Java SE Development Kit version 8.
Please select the 32 bit or the 64 bit version that matches the CPU in your computer.

The current link is:

Step 2:
Download the Android Command Line Tools from Google.

You do NOT need to download the Android Studio - It currently will not work with Clickteam Fusion. Please find the Command Line Tools Only area on the Google website.

The Current Link:

Extract these files to a folder on your hard drive.

Recommendation c:\android-sdk-windows

Step 3:
Download the Android Fusion Tools Patch here:

Step 4:
Save the Android Fusion Tools Patch into the folder you created in step 2.
Run this file and select the folder you created in step 2 when prompted.

Step 5:
Open the folder you created in step 2 and run the file "sdk manager.exe"

Step 6:
Select to download all of the following

Under the tools section:
All Android SDK Build tools for rev 27.X

Step 7:
Download Android 8.1.0 (API 27)


Step 8:
Open up Fusion 2.5
Open the Tools - Preferences menu and update the Export Module area to point to the correct locations.

Step 9:
Test it out -- Make a new blank MFA file.

Set the build type to Android.

Ensure you have the API set to 27 inside Fusion in the application/Android properties.

File - Build and see if the APK file is created or if you get an error message.

If you get an error please review all the steps above.

Visit our forums for more help and discussion about building Android APK files in Fusion.